Gaming at the Book and Board

The Book and Board carries a variety of board, card, dice, and role-playing games. Whether you're looking for something that's not on our shelves, or just for something new to play, our expert staff is always happy to help a fellow gamer of any age.


Magic the Gathering

The Book and Board hosts a variety of Magic the Gathering games, including standard, casual, and pauper. We also host Friday Night Magic every week. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran, or just building your first deck, all are invited to play. Check our Calendar of Events for more information on games we're hosting.


Board Games

Looking for something different to add to your library? Want somewhere you and your friends can get together and play? Interested in learning a new board game? The Book and Board is here for you. Come on in, and we'll get you playing!


Role-Playing Games

Our store carries a plethora of dice, rule books, and other supplies to help get your adventure started. Looking for players or a dungeon master? Check our in-store bulletin board!